Privacy Policy

Last updated March 25th, 2019

We take your privacy very seriously and we encourage you to review this policy.

We are ImployApp, and we trade under the name “Imploy”.


We use the data that talents and employers give us with their consent to help match a talent with an employer. We don’t share the data outside the company, other than what a talent chooses to publicly share.
When a talent or employer signs up to use Imploy, we ask your permission to store this data by confirming you’ve accepted these terms.

The controller of the data is ImployApp Ltd. You can withdraw consent for Imploy holding your data or ask what data we hold on you by emailing

Unfortunately, the service is not useful without a minimum amount of personal data. You may remove your personal data, but it may affect Imploy’s ability to match you with

We use cookies (and other methods of storage on your computer) to track you through the site.

There are two kinds. The first kind are for logging you into the site so we know who you are. The second kind are for tracking your behaviour. We use this second kind to work out how to make our site better, understand what sort of computer you’re using, and where you’re using the site. For the second kind, we use a few services. These include Google Analytics and Autopilot.

Name Purpose

Allows Google Analytics to track you. No personally identifiable data is stored by Google Analytics.

Allows Google Analytics to track your specific behaviour, such as a journey.