We remember graduation (forgot 100% of the night though) and how amazing it felt to get through a tough degree. We also remember trying to get a graduate job in London. The process is full of filling in w*nky applications, signing up to tons of job boards and unfortunately, millions of calls from tragic recruitment consultants. It can turn what is supposed to be an exciting process, into something terrible. So, here’s our rescue remedy for you. We’ve outlined how you can get a top job without pandering to the market or recruitment agencies.

  1. Job Boards – They’re supposed to be fantastic, but they’re not. In reality, they leave you scrolling through countless job ads and most of them don’t even have company name! That being said, it’s well worth signing up at some point as you want to cast the net wide. Just be careful as someone like Reed.co.uk have over 5 millions jobs available, with around 99.9% of those coming through recruitment agencies (we will explain why this sucks) and not direct from employers.
  2. Graduate Recruitment Agencies – Think of these companies as your pushy parents, who never tell you where you’re going but get paid for forcing you to go somewhere. Essentially, the aim of a recruitment agent is to get you a job. Good, right? Wrong. They only have a TINY amount of jobs compared to the overall market, but they’ll push you into their jobs as they essentially get paid to do so. Once you get a job through them, if you stay for 3 months, they get a commission cheque which means they can go smash up Amnesia in Ibiza on their company trip. If you do meet with an agency, ask for company names, realistic job expectations, employee turnover, salary and always contact the existing employees to see if it’s worth working there.
  3. Direct applications – This is where you want to be. You’re speaking directly with businesses who have open vacancies. It means that when you travel to interview, it’s actually for a business who can hire you, not for an agency that won’t.  So, what’s the problem here? Well, there are so many businesses you just don’t know about, meaning that sadly there are lots of businesses that just can’t get your attention and they could be perfect for you. Our advice is to find a business, apply or email your CV in and then call up a day later asking if they have received your application. It makes you look good and keen!

Those three main options have worked a treat for the last 20 years, but it’s becoming a broken machine in modern times. So, we’re doing something about it. Instead of going on pointless job boards and scrolling for hours on end, we give you direct access to exciting businesses with tons of information for you to digest.

Instead of speaking with cringy recruiters who only care about their commission cheques, we offer you the chance to explore job roles in peace.

And instead of trying your hardest to find direct employers, our Imploy network will put you straight in front of thousands of awesome businesses, all looking to hire graduates!

Finding a graduate job in London just got a lot easier, less annoying and far more exciting!

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