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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ImployApp cost to use?

Absolutely not! We exist to help you save your money, not spend it! With ImployApp, you’ll have completely free access to the UK’s most exciting businesses and by the time you stop using us, you’ll have an awesome job to brag about too.

How is ImployApp different from job boards and recruitment agencies?

We’re a step above both. We offer you direct access to amazing businesses, without agencies to get in the way. We also give you the chance to interview with any business, in any place and at any time. This means you can interview on the beach, sofa or in bed! Job boards and recruitment agencies can’t do that!

I can’t find any jobs near me?

Don’t panic, we’re adding exciting businesses every single day so keep looking! Alternatively, let us know any businesses that you’d love to have on the platform and we will give them a ring!

How will I know if I’ve been accepted or declined from my applications?

Every single time you apply, you will be able to track the responses that you receive. Just head onto your ‘application pipeline’ and you can see who has seen your application, denied it or accepted it and what feedback they have given you.

What will the culture fit test do for me?

We believe that a career is more than what you do day to day. Our culture test will help you match the best company fit for you, meaning that not only do you love working, but you love the people you work with and the company you work for!

Why would I instant message hiring managers?

Because you’re only human and you have so many questions! We want everyone to feel connected to the businesses they’re interviewing with, so when you have a query or a question, you can get the answer straight from the horse’s mouth!

Can you help with my profile?

Of course we can, just let us know if you need any help and we will do our best to ease your worries.

What is your student loan lottery?

We want to help, and we mean it. Because of this, from every 600 businesses that join the platform and hires, we will choose one graduate that gained employment and pay off their student loan. Simple and without the bullsh*t.

Why should I use ImployApp?

We need a book for this one, but here are a few reasons.

  • We offer you a direct line into the hiring businesses.
  • We remove commission hungry recruitment consultants, meaning that your job search remains unbiased.
  • We help you spend less and save more time on your job hunt.
  • We ACTUALLY want to help, hence why we run a student loan lottery every year that will pay off your tuition loan!

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