Remember those computer nerds at school? The ones who were amazing at maths and could suddenly ‘code’? You might have thought you were cooler than them when you were 16. Yeah, well they won. They’re now ruling the world by creating awesome technology companies and their bank balance will steal your boyfriend or girlfriend too. The technology graduate jobs you want come from them.

All jokes aside though, the tech industry in London is booming! Thousands of new tech products are released every year and each company offers you the chance to make a real difference, rather than working in a large corporate as ‘just another cog’. Working in a growing tech business can have huge rewards, although it’s important to remember that to get the glory, you need to put a shift in. This is the same in all growing companies regardless of what industry they’re in. But because some might misinterpret the Instagram life of a start-up (#legends), here are some tips:

  1. It’s never easy – It might help your Insta feed but working in a start-up is hard work and there is a lot of pressure involved. Don’t expect bean bags and flexible working all the time, because it’s just not possible. You also won’t be spoon fed, CEO’s and managers don’t have time for that. Sometimes it’s up to you to get the work done regardless.
  2. Your role won’t be set in stone – Start-up jobs are completely fluid. You might be in marketing, but you’ll probably have to get involved in sales, admin, finance, operations and much more. You muck in because that’s just what is needed.
  3. Your success is the company’s success and vice versa – People in start-ups celebrate wins wherever they come from. That means everyone celebrates you and you celebrate everyone else. It’s truly wonderful and is what makes the hard work and uncertainty worth it.
  4. Work-life balance is give-and-take – You might be given flexible hours but you also might have to do an all-nighter. That’s the deal. If you don’t like the sound of that, either you’re a lazy f*cker, or it’s just not meant for you.
  5. You will learn more in a year at a start-up than you will in 10 years at a blue-chip – In most large graduate jobs and graduate schemes, you’ll be given a set role for a year or you get drip fed things to do. It’s the complete opposite in a start-up. Do everything, learn quickly, fail gloriously and kick some arse. You will learn a lot about yourself and if successful, you’ll progress outrageously quickly.
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