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What’s the point if I’m only hiring one person?

Great question. Firstly, if you only hire one person, our entire yearly subscription is still cheaper than one hire through your average recruitment agency. Secondly, we offer you a 12-month period after your first hire where you can take on as many graduates or students as you’d like without any extra cost. Wouldn’t you rather that option just in case you were looking to expand unexpectedly?

Agencies do most of the work for me, tech can never replace that

We would never try and replace people, but we believe we can automate the hiring process and improve it at the same time. We can test, culture match, interview, video interview and hire all though the platform. You’ll also have a fantastic support team behind the scenes to help… problem solved!

You’re just like every other platform where we have to compete with larger, well established, MASSIVE brands

We’ve got your back. We support the David’s, not the Goliaths. ImployApp was born from the idea where smaller businesses can hire the best talent ahead of the larger well-established brands. We believe in businesses who cannot traditionally attract the best without big marketing budgets! So, the big brands can’t compete with you as they’re not allowed on the platform in the first place!

How is ImployApp different from job boards and recruitment agencies?

We’re a step above both. We offer you direct access to amazing businesses, without agencies to get in the way. We also give you the chance to interview with any business, in any place and at any time. This means you can interview on the beach, sofa or in bed! Job boards and recruitment agencies can’t do that!

How will I know if I’ve been accepted or declined from my applications?

Every single time you apply, you will be able to track the responses that you receive. Just head onto your ‘application pipeline’ and you can see who has seen your application, denied it or accepted it and what feedback they have given you.

What will the culture fit test do for me?

We believe that a career is more than what you do day to day. Our culture test will help you match the best company fit for you, meaning that not only do you love working, but you love the people you work with and the company you work for!

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