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How it Works

Setting up your profile

Registration couldn’t be easier, simply fill in the details of your business just like you would on any other site. Within a matter of minutes you will have set-up your screening process and started listing vacancies to thousands of new candidates.


Manage Candidates

Manage candidates with in a completely digital platform, push candidates through the process, see how effective each of your hiring really stages is. Even remove irrelevant candidates and truly focus on hiring results.


Hiring the greatest graduate talent

Hire the best graduate talent, seamlessly send job offers & track success, filter out immediate ‘no’s’ and for you to spend time with candidates that you really believe could be a great fit.

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Interview as many candidates as you need

Intuitive platform with key features

Your own company profile to showcase your brand

Access to 1000’s of graduates searching for jobs in London

No competing against large companies

Data from candidate culture tests

Ability to interview anywhere, anytime

Intuitive hiring pipeline management

Seamlessly send job offers & track success

Unlimited hiring – no additional costs

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the point if I’m only hiring one person?

Great question. Firstly, if you only hire one person, our entire yearly subscription is still cheaper than one hire through your average recruitment agency. Secondly, we offer you a 12-month period after your first hire where you can take on as many graduates or students as you’d like without any extra cost. Wouldn’t you rather that option just in case you were looking to expand unexpectedly?

Agencies do most of the work for me, tech can never replace that

We would never try and replace people, but we believe we can automate the hiring process and improve it at the same time. We can test, culture match, interview, video interview and hire all though the platform. You’ll also have a fantastic support team behind the scenes to help… problem solved!

You’re just like every other platform where we have to compete with larger, well established, MASSIVE brands

We’ve got your back. We support the David’s, not the Goliaths. ImployApp was born from the idea where smaller businesses can hire the best talent ahead of the larger well-established brands. We believe in businesses who cannot traditionally attract the best without big marketing budgets! So, the big brands can’t compete with you as they’re not allowed on the platform in the first place!

A tech platform surely can’t tell if a candidate is the right culture fit?

Challenge accepted! We look at a huge number of data points including sports, hobbies, passions, skills, test scores, location, schools etc.. to match with the exact same data, but from a business perspective. This means we find the candidates most suited for you. Oh, and you’ll also be able to view videos of our wonderful candidates just in case!

Why would a small business use ImployApp?

Simply put, not only do we exist for you, but we offer you more than anyone else in the market. We allow you to market to thousands of graduates, connect and speak with them, hire placements years and interns, hire for permanent vacancies, showcase your culture (whilst you can also see the candidates showcase), test and interview graduates inside the platform to reduce risk, hire unlimited candidates with a 12 month period all for less than the fee from an average recruitment agency. That’s why.

Recruiters send me a shortlist of profiles which is really convenient, can ImployApp do that too?

ImployApp is made to maintain and enhance on the convenience you already have. Candidates create their own short profile overview for you to see, meaning that our machine learning platform creates these for you. Hey presto, you’ll have a wonderful shortlist of qualified candidates for you to view whenever you want!

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